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10X Player
3X Monthly
2X Faster
Web 3 integration

Cooler Games.

Better Communities.

The number one reason why players would spend on a regular basis on your game is the meta gameplay. Keep track of your game content, make it unique, and add NFTs to increase engagement and retention.

Automated Marketing
For Whitelists

Items, currencies, and NFTs
In One Place

Standardized Non-custodial
Wallet For All Blockchain

A Platform Solution For
All Steps

Plant The Seed

Find suitable marketing actions and get your game recognized with quality assets.

Do The Hard Work

Use our game backend to create, manage, and assign NFTs or virtual currencies to specific audiences.

Fly The Nest

Publish your drop on our own customizable marketplace with a friendly mobile UX.

We chose the best blockchains for games


Structured items management

Define attributes, tags, and whether it’s an NFT or not to manage all your game content properly.

Game backend 1
game backend 2

Convert anything into anything, easily

Filter your game content and update it with ease. Convert items into NFTs in seconds.

Best UX for players management

Thanks to our all-in-one standardized wallet suited for NFTs, stablecoins, and more, keep track of what each player owns. Mobile gaming UX onboarding.

game backend 3

Web3 Marketing
made easy(ier)


Securely set up and
configure your Discord

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Create online events,
treasure hunts and more.

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Build community and
engage your audience.

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Are you an independent game developer? We want to help you thrive in the new economy.

Apply now to join our Indy Game Incubator, and we’ll help
you design a beautiful game while staying the captain and de-risking the horizon.

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