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First and foremost, we
love great games.

We love playing them. We love developing them. And, we love the industry for its endless opportunities in creativity and fun.

But, there’s more to great games than just the game itself. For a great game to succeed – it needs to be sustainable and rewarding. It needs to make economic sense for those behind the scenes spending their time and energy to make it all happen.

At L3V3L, everything we do is to champion independent game developers toward success and create more value for both the players and the industry.

Game Value
Creation Cycle

More Value

Unique concept, Ownership,
Leader Boards, Governance

More Profits

More money to improve
game creation, play
and development

More Engagement

More frequent play, events,
quests and treasure hunts

More Community

More players, community
building, Discords

Our philosophy is based on

three core beliefs:


Players deserve the best games and to experience a variety of new concepts.


Game developers should be able to thrive from the fruits of their labor.


Bored players, influencers, and new technology make it timely to self-publish.

Our Commitment
to Gamers

Our co-founders Jerome and William are both gamers. Jerome was a semiprofessional Call of Duty player and William a hardcore FIFA player. Both invested thousands of hours mastering these games only to feel, as time went on, that gameplay was no longer renewed, their investment wasn’t being rewarded, and indie gems have no visibility. They both had fun playing games they love, but when they moved on to other games and spent less time with the community they felt a sense of loss – a loss of community, as well as a loss of the skills and assets they had built over time.

With the rise of free-to-play and microtransactions, winners will stay big franchises that invest massively in marketing and produce fewer and fewer games to maximize revenues from previous ones. Or, they will be the ones with market and data knowledge, rapidly copying interesting concepts and publishing them before indies have time to catch their breath.

Today, combining data, community and influencers marketing, and blockchain paves the way to fostering small but strong and engaged communities with new business models.

With the rise of blockchain and the development of digital ownership, a new potential for the future of the gaming experience is possible. Things like monetary rewards, the ability to influence gameplay, ownership, and governance were once a dream. And now, with the power of Web3 technology, that dream is becoming a reality.

Our mighty team of 15 (and growing) are all gamers, just like you. Because we love games, we’d never sacrifice the gaming experience just for the sake of including Blockchain tech. Let’s see it as what it is: a tool for some games. We truly believe in the blockchain’s ability to enhance the gaming experience and take us into the next generation of gaming.

We’ve learned the ins and outs of Blockchain, and how to integrate it into games to improve the gaming experience for all. Everything we do is with intention so the gameplay makes sense and provides real value for players in every way.

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How We’re Championing

58% of independent game developers in France are struggling to succeed. To us, that’s completely unacceptable in a growing $336B market. As diehard gaming fans and creators, we believe that passionate developers should be able to thrive and bring their amazing creativity to the market.

We understand that implementing new technology now raises questions. However, creativity is best served with a dose of research, data, and guiding processes. we’ve seen the market research and know that it will be exponentially valuable for those developers willing to make a leap today.

As per the Web3 chunk, we see it as a solution to innovation in the gaming industry, but the tech is not easy to learn. That’s why we’ve spent countless hours developing our backend tech solutions so game developers can continue doing what they love – create amazing games without limitations.

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Self-publishing at your fingertips

Does self-publishing seem like an impossible mission? Are you lost when it comes to where to start? You’re not alone. Several team members were indie studios’ CEOs sharing this feeling. We designed a way to help and anticipate the next steps without changing the main focus of an indie game studio: creating a cool game.

Few indies succeed to self-publish mainly because few dare to try! The ones who did show tremendously more profitability and are able to keep control because they know what their players truly want.

We’ve seen first-hand, Blockchain is a tool to solve early funding but also long-term profitability. It’s not only a means for financial gains. It’s evolving the way we interact with video games and grow our communities.

Blockchain is the bridge to creating more engagement, more profitability, better games, and bigger communities.

Our studies proved there’s 10x more engagement with games that offer transferable value, rewards, and digital ownership. And 70% of the players we interviewed love the idea of digital ownership and NFT interoperability. Plus, we’re not the only ones who came across this finding. Other companies have done similar studies and found the same exact thing.

These are things that make us believe in this. By creating a new ecosystem for gaming, we’re unlocking a new level of fun.

But Blockchain alone is useless. It needs to be guided in a wider framework and use only when it delivers additional value. Not the revolution some say it is, but an interesting evolution for some games.

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Community manager

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