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Top Squad is the first arcade-like soccer game with a unique universe that’s set to take over the mobile e-sport scene.
In the world of the game, the future of soccer is not human-led. Instead of humans, robot soccer players (footbots) allow players to customize and show off millions of unique items you can design and trade.

Players can then design a bespoke team to compete with the best of the league in fantastic, otherworldy stadiums and arenas.
Each Footbot is unique with its own skills and design. It’s up to you, the human Team Manager, to strategize using upgrades and assets to win.

Watch this short demo of TopSquad’s gameplay.

What were the challenges?



Funding Game Development

As with many independent projects, pre-financing the game was a challenge for this small studio. Although the game raised interest from big publishers, Big Gator Games did not want to enter another round of negotiations knowing they would have to fold in the end to the publisher’s requests.


Complicated Tokenomics Linked to Rewards

The game rewards most players with in-game skills and also those with a smart asset strategy. Both are linked as playing with the assets makes them stronger, or at least provides the option to upgrade them. This is not something easy to implement with NFTs since it can be complicated and costly to connect with any blockchain.



NFT Drop Management

L3v3l’s drop management features and support made it easy to find new sources of revenue during the production phase of Top Squad. NFTs enable digital ownership. The benefit of being able to own a digital asset in the long-run is the ability to trade or sell it as the value of the project grows. In fact, you can even sell your asset before the game is launched. By adding utility to an NFT through gated communities and perks creates the added value of being a part of an early and growing community.


Web Services as Middleware Layer

Big Gator games needed a way to make the different statistics of the footbots transparent. That’s functionality number one of any blockchain. But in an ever evolving game, you need to do it on a regular basis. Thanks to our web services acting as a middleware layer, costs and time-to-market are reduced. Plus, it has been done in a way that is both compatible with mobile app stores and does not fragment the gaming experience (imagine if you need to validate while playing the e-sport final …)

What’s unique about this project?

  • A live multiplayer and fun gameplay
  • A secure economy where tokens are used as reward mediums
  • Crafting unique footbots from Harmonia: Goya’s Land resources
  • Rentals of stadiums
  • Stadium customization with additional NFTs to possess a strategic dimension within the stadium development
  • Seasons are split into normal games and playoff day. During the playoffs, unique arenas can be used and adding an entrance fee makes it very profitable for the arenas’ owners (one way to attractively pre-finance the game)
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